Learn How to Perfect Your Poker Face at a Vegas Master Class

Whether you’re holding a pair of aces or a bunch of nothing, your expressions can give away your hand to other players. Learn how to develop a good poker face during a July 20 class at Wynn Las Vegas. (Jeff Green)

Want to learn to be a better poker player when you hit the casino? This class could help.

“Perfecting Your Poker Face” will be held July 20 at Wynn Las Vegas. It’s one of the offerings in the ongoing series of the casino’s master classes during which people learn tricks of the trade, whether in the casino or the kitchen.

‘Perfecting Your Poker Face’
Ryan Beauregard is Wynn Las Vegas’ director of poker operations. (Eric Jamison)

The poker class is designed for those considering making the leap from playing at home for matches to playing at a casino for money.

“We’ve all played on our kitchen table,” said Ryan Beauregard, Wynn’s director of poker operations. “Taking the next step to organized casino poker is a big jump for people.”

Beauregard said players get an adrenaline rush as they view the cards they’re holding or get ready to make a bet. That can lead to a grimace or a slight smile that can, well, tip your hand.

“It’s one of the barriers for people entering poker and giving it a try for the first time,” Beauregard said. “We’ll take them through the basics. Over the course of that, we’ll include how to keep a poker face and how to control your emotions.”

The class, open to those 21 and older, costs $125. Beauregard stressed that no money will change hands during the tutorials.

The interesting blend of classes continues through the rest of the year.

Bread-making class
Johann Willar is Wynn’s master bread baker. (Eric Jamison)

On July 27, Wynn’s master bread baker Johann Willar will invite guests into his bakery for a beginner’s lesson in how to achieve professional bread making results at home. Guests will observe as Willar creates taste tempters including bacon bread rolls and a classic baguette.

The 1 p.m. class, priced at $150, includes a charcuterie lunch.

Chocolate class
Executive pastry chef Patrice Caillot will teach participants the basics of chocolate making during a Dec. 7 master class. (Barbara Kraft)

Just in time for the holidays, participants can hone their skills in the Chocolate Master Class.

Led by Wynn’s executive pastry chef, Patrice Caillot, and chocolatier Bruno Codinha, the interactive class is designed as a crash course in techniques such as molding, piping and tempering.

There will be plenty of opportunities to taste Wynn’s artisanal chocolates, which are handcrafted daily.

The Dec. 7 class begins at 2 p.m. and costs $125.

Other classes include cake decorating (Sept. 28) and whiskey and cigar appreciation (Nov. 9).


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