Dean Heller’s Las Vegas Office Burglarized

Dean Heller’s Las Vegas Office Burglarized

Police in Las Vegas are investigating a weekend break-in at the office of Sen. Dean Heller, according to a Las Vegas Sun report.

The burglary occurred at Heller’s local office in Las Vegas and a spokesman for Las Vegas Metropolitan Police confirmed Sunday night that “entry did occur” but would not comment further other than to say the investigation was ongoing.

A spokesman for Heller did not immediately confirm the break-in.

Heller (R-Nev.), whose seat is a top target for Democrats in 2018, is among the handful of Republican senators who have voiced concerns about the GOP’s proposed legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare. He has not yet announced whether or not he will support the recently-revised version of the bill.

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Learn How to Perfect Your Poker Face at a Vegas Master Class

Learn How to Perfect Your Poker Face at a Vegas Master Class

Whether you’re holding a pair of aces or a bunch of nothing, your expressions can give away your hand to other players. Learn how to develop a good poker face during a July 20 class at Wynn Las Vegas. (Jeff Green)

Want to learn to be a better poker player when you hit the casino? This class could help.

“Perfecting Your Poker Face” will be held July 20 at Wynn Las Vegas. It’s one of the offerings in the ongoing series of the casino’s master classes during which people learn tricks of the trade, whether in the casino or the kitchen.

‘Perfecting Your Poker Face’
Ryan Beauregard is Wynn Las Vegas’ director of poker operations. (Eric Jamison)

The poker class is designed for those considering making the leap from playing at home for matches to playing at a casino for money.

“We’ve all played on our kitchen table,” said Ryan Beauregard, Wynn’s director of poker operations. “Taking the next step to organized casino poker is a big jump for people.”

Beauregard said players get an adrenaline rush as they view the cards they’re holding or get ready to make a bet. That can lead to a grimace or a slight smile that can, well, tip your hand.

“It’s one of the barriers for people entering poker and giving it a try for the first time,” Beauregard said. “We’ll take them through the basics. Over the course of that, we’ll include how to keep a poker face and how to control your emotions.”

The class, open to those 21 and older, costs $125. Beauregard stressed that no money will change hands during the tutorials.

The interesting blend of classes continues through the rest of the year.

Bread-making class
Johann Willar is Wynn’s master bread baker. (Eric Jamison)

On July 27, Wynn’s master bread baker Johann Willar will invite guests into his bakery for a beginner’s lesson in how to achieve professional bread making results at home. Guests will observe as Willar creates taste tempters including bacon bread rolls and a classic baguette.

The 1 p.m. class, priced at $150, includes a charcuterie lunch.

Chocolate class
Executive pastry chef Patrice Caillot will teach participants the basics of chocolate making during a Dec. 7 master class. (Barbara Kraft)

Just in time for the holidays, participants can hone their skills in the Chocolate Master Class.

Led by Wynn’s executive pastry chef, Patrice Caillot, and chocolatier Bruno Codinha, the interactive class is designed as a crash course in techniques such as molding, piping and tempering.

There will be plenty of opportunities to taste Wynn’s artisanal chocolates, which are handcrafted daily.

The Dec. 7 class begins at 2 p.m. and costs $125.

Other classes include cake decorating (Sept. 28) and whiskey and cigar appreciation (Nov. 9).


Do you love ‘Love’? Take a free back-stage tour of the Beatles-inspired Cirque du Soleil hit

‘Circus 1903’ brings classic big-top thrills to Vegas. Yes, there will be elephants, just not live ones

The real place to chill out in Vegas: tea time. These hotels offer classic services that go way beyond scones

In Las Vegas, these bartenders are complete robots, and that’s the fun of this new bar

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Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Are Back in Los Angeles Together After Time in Las Vegas

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Are Back in Los Angeles Together After Time in Las Vegas

Ben Affleck and his new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus are back in Los Angeles after spending time in Las Vegas.

The two were spotted grabbing coffee at Starbucks in matching black outfits Monday morning.

“Ben and Lindsay both returned to L.A.from Las Vegas yesterday,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Lindsay spent the night at Ben’s house. She had a business meeting this morning. She is in a great mood.”

Shookus was spotted headed to a studio Monday morning as a source tells PEOPLE the two are spending time together in L.A. again. The Saturday Night Live producer was seen flying out of the city Friday morning as news of the relationship broke.

Shookus was seen beaming Monday as she made her way to a meeting in L.A. The producer kept it casual with a loose black dress and a jean jacket over her shoulders paired with peach flats and black sunglasses.

“She’s out in LA for work,” a source close to Shookus tells PEOPLE. “The plus is that the guy that she’s seeing is there, but she’s there for work meetings.”

VIDEO: 23 Oscar Nominees Reveal The Untold Stories Behind Their Films

Affleck, 44, and Shookus, 37, went public with their romance on Thursday night in the city when they stepped out for dinner. Multiple sources told PEOPLE that the two started their affair back in 2013 while Affleck was still married to Jennifer Garner and Shookus was also still married to then-fellow SNL producer Kevin Miller.

However, a source who knows Affleck and Garner maintains the actor and Shookus “did not date while either of them were married. They started dating when they were separated.”

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The Real Place to Chill out in Vegas: Tea Time. These Hotels Offer Classic Services That Go Way Beyond Scones

The Real Place to Chill out in Vegas: Tea Time. These Hotels Offer Classic Services That Go Way Beyond Scones

From the tea lounge at the Mandarin Oriental, the traditional tea service comes with gorgeous views of the Las Vegas Strip. (Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas)

Can a hot cup of tea cool you down on a scorching afternoon in the desert? Several studies say it can, which means elegant afternoon tea services at some of Las Vegas’ classiest hotels are perfect for chilling out.

Wynn Las Vegas is the latest resort to offer a calming afternoon tea, a British tradition that typically includes sweet pastries, petite sandwiches and plentiful pots of tea.

Guests can indulge in sweet and savory offerings at Wynn’s recently opened Terrace Lounge, located near the main entrance. The menu includes sandwiches that merge curried chicken salad with red grapes, plus freshly baked scones. (In keeping with the British custom, diners should first cover the scone with jam and then top it with clotted cream.)

The tea service is offered daily from 12 to 4 p.m. It’s priced at $47 per person, with optional Champagne pairings at an additional cost.

Tea-infused cocktails are also available a la carte. The Tea-jito, for instance, combines Cruzan rum infused with herbal citrus-mint white tea, lime juice and club soda.

Reservations: Wynn Las Vegas, (702) 770-7000

Afternoon tea is a long-standing tradition at the Four Seasons Las Vegas. For $35 (or $50 with champagne), guests enjoy tea service at Verandah from 3 to 4 p.m.

There are organic black, green and herbal teas to sip while noshing on bites such as a sandwich of cucumber, grilled artichoke and olive tapenade on sourdough bread, plus pastries such as fig upside-down cake.

Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance. Info: Four Seasons Las Vegas, (702) 632-5000

There are seatings for tea from 11:45 a.m. through 4:15 p.m. at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas.

Guests are sure to be tempted by savoring offerings such as chicken curry, trumpet mushroom and Asian pear served in a sesame cone.

The service, priced at $40 (more with Champagne), comes with stunning views of the Strip.

Reservations: Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, (888) 881 9367

But back to those studies about tea cooling you off. Ollie Jay of Canada’s University of Ottawa told Smithsonian Magazine that drinking tea on a hot day “… does result in a lower amount of heat stored inside your body, provided the additional sweat that’s produced when you drink the hot drink can evaporate.”

The practice of afternoon tea was started in the early 19th century by the seventh Duchess of Bedford after she complained of having a “sinking feeling” in the late afternoon. That’s according to the British website Afternoon Tea, which lists tea places throughout Britain.


Las Vegas adds a new lure to its repertoire as Nevada legalizes pot. Here come the tourists

In Vegas, pot may now be legal. But don’t even think about lighting up on the Strip

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Brandon Flowers of the Killers Stars as Several Las Vegas Denizens in New Video for “I’m the Man”

Brandon Flowers of the Killers Stars as Several Las Vegas Denizens in New Video for “I’m the Man”

The Killers just released a brand new music video for their track “I’m the Man,” and the concept is something out of the box for the group, Brandon Flowers admitted.

In an interview with the BBC, Flowers said the music video was “pretty funky, funkier than we’ve ever done before.”

The video depicts Flowers as four different identities or alter ego’s, all living their daily lives in Las Vegas. However, viewers watch each one start to crumble as something seemed to happen along each of their life paths. Check out the entire video below.

“The Man” was The Killer’s first new song release in five years, and they will be releasing their new album Wonderful Wonderful, but the exact date is still unknown.



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Classic Americana in Las Vegas

Classic Americana in Las Vegas

When Ryan Shorosky graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2014, he decided to drive an 18-wheeler around the country for a year, photographing truck drivers along the way. That was when he first went to Las Vegas.He returned there once a month over the course of that year.

On his latest trip, in May, Mr. Shorosky wanted to capture the variety of people who work in Las Vegas, especially those with unconventional jobs. “In other cities you might work as a barista, but in Vegas really strange opportunities exist for people that live there,” he said. He saw these two women outside the Bellagio hotel. The woman on the left has a tattoo covering most of her thigh. “There is a dichotomy that exists in Vegas where, from afar, things kind of look like they’re meant to be, but when you dig in closer, you figure out that there are a lot more layers to the people or the place,” the photographer said.


“I had this idea on my first day about exploring the iconic things of Vegas — Elvis, of course, being one of those things,” Mr. Shorosky said. Not that everything in Las Vegas is as it appears.Zach Brewer, shown above, is not a professional Elvis impersonator. He and a friend, visiting from Houston, were part of a bridal party and decided to dress up. “He was in costume and just drinking a lot,” the photographer said.


Toni James has been a figure in the Las Vegas drag scene for 30 years. “No matter where I went or who I talked to, everyone knew who Toni James was,” the photographer said. He first met Mr. James at the Double Down Saloon, a dive bar where locals hang out, and decided to photograph him there. “He was in this punk bar bathroom putting his makeup on and getting ready,” Mr. Shorosky said.

CreditRyan Shorosky for The New York Times

Mr. Shorosky met Marrion and Marlon Amos at First Fridays, a monthly art festival where people bring their wares to sell. He was drawn to their sense of style. “I think Vegas is just enough removed as a culture that you are able to explore yourself,” he said. “These two brothers were a perfect example of that.”


Jace Thorstenson, 14, competes in national junior rodeos. This time he was in a doubles roping competition at the Little Britches Rodeo, which took place a half-hour southwest of the city. “He had the mannerisms and character of someone who could have been in his 40s,” the photographer said. “I wanted to capture that facade of adolescents who are growing up in an environment where you’re expected to be a lot older than you are.”

CreditRyan Shorosky for The New York Times

This photo was taken in Paradise Palms, a midcentury modern-style community that hasn’t changed much since the ’60s. “In the past couple of years, it has had an influx of younger people, so you have these 30-year-olds sort of pushing the historic relevance of this area,” Mr. Shorosky said. Here, from left, are Jaede Mansfield, Denise Heximer and Jasmin Rodriguez, all vintage enthusiasts. “It’s sort of a fascinating idea to try to relive that aura of classic Vegas,” he said.


Michelle Kolnik, a.k.a. D.J. Cryki, at the First Friday art fair, where she sells vintage clothes.


The photographer met Elia Lucio, who works as an exotic dancer, walking around Fremont Street. “She grew up in Vegas, basically in and out of homelessness,” he said. “She supports herself fully in what she does and takes a lot of pride in the fact she can support herself.”

CreditRyan Shorosky for The New York Times

Mike Ogden at the Little Britches rodeo just outside of Las Vegas. Mr. Ogden, a cowboy from Utah, had provided some of the animals for the competitions.

CreditRyan Shorosky for The New York Times

The photographer saw these professional Santas, who were vacationing together in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget casino. One wore a shirt reading, “I survived anorexia.”


This photo was taken in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, a mountain range outside Las Vegas that attracts tourists like this German couple. They were there with a group of motorcyclists doing a cross-country road trip. Mr. Shorosky was attracted to their vests covered in patches. “It’s sort of a right of passage for motorcyclists to wear emblems,” he said.


Bobi Jo Marie dresses to embody the classic American cowgirl. “Las Vegas is a place where you can become whatever archetype you like,” Mr. Shorosky said. “There is a lot of room to be something else.”

CreditRyan Shorosky for The New York Times

Jesse Garon, a professional Elvis, and his pink Cadillac with a license plate that reads “VGELVS.” He was outside the Little White Wedding Chapel, where you can get married on the fly.

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Taco Bell Launches $600 Las Vegas Weddings Aug. 7

Taco Bell Launches $600 Las Vegas Weddings Aug. 7

Taco Bell’s quickie wedding includes a dozen tacos, a Cinnabon Delights cake and a bouquet made of hot sauce packets. (Courtesy of Taco Bell)

Come Aug. 7, couples seeking a quickie Las Vegas wedding can tie the knot at a Taco Bell Cantina on The Strip.

The $600 fast-food wedding includes a dozen tacos, a Cinnabon Delights cake and a bouquet made of hot sauce packets. Taco Bell first announced its nuptials package on Valentine’s Day. At the time, Taco Bell held a contest for couples looking to be the first lovebirds hitched at the Las Vegas Taco Bell.

More than 150 couples entered the wedding contest. Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda won. They celebrated their wedding Sunday, June 25.

“Now that Dan and Bianca have paved the way, starting August 7, fans everywhere can have their own Taco Bell wedding, which they can walk in and order right off the Las Vegas Cantina menu,” the Irvine-based chain said in a statement released Monday, June 26.

The wedding ceremony is performed by an ordained officiant. Couples are allowed to have a private reception area for up to 15 guests. Weddings take place on the second level of the Cantina.

Taco Bell is partnering with Las Vegas-based Flora Pop, which specializes in traveling pop-up weddings. Once a wedding package is paid for at the fast-food counter, Taco Bell said couples can expect the ceremony to take place in the upstairs wedding chapel within four hours.

An officiant with Flora Pop, not employees, will conduct the ceremony.

With roughly 114,000 weddings in a year, Las Vegas is the second most popular destination in the world to get married. The No. 1 location is Istanbul, Turkey.

“This is unlike anything we’ve ever done before, so we are excited to see the response from our fans and see how many do take their love – both in their relationship and with Taco Bell – to the next level,” the company said.

Taco Bell is not the first restaurant chain to offer an inexpensive wedding in Las Vegas. The Denny’s on Fremont Street in downtown has been offering a $199 wedding package since 2013.

Taco Bell opened the first Cantina restaurant in Chicago in 2015. The restaurant – with its sleek design, exhibition kitchen and comfortable seating – aims to lure experience-driven millennials who seek urban environments to live, work and play.

The restaurants feature alcohol and a tapas-style menu in addition to the regular Taco Bell menu. Others have opened in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Austin, Texas. Each Cantina store is slightly different, designed to embrace the surrounding community. The Las Vegas restaurant is open 24 hours and is the first Cantina to have a retail store selling Taco Bell swag.

Later this year, Orange County is getting its first Cantina. It will be replacing Original Pizza on Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach.

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The Top Rated Brewpub In Las Vegas, Nevada

The Top Rated Brewpub In Las Vegas, Nevada

If you haven’t tasted home brewed beer or micro-brewed beer yet, you really need to get out more. It has been called a craze, but since it’s now in its 20th year of exponential growth it looks like it’s here to stay. Most people that are fans of real beer will tell you that they really don’t want to ever drink one of those national watered down beers again for the rest of their lives. Having said that, each city has its own finely brewed beer locations and today we’re going to talk about the best brewpub of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Banger Brewing In Downtown

What you’re going to find here are some of the absolute best craft beers in town. They have a large selection of different flavors starting with the DTB Brown Ale. This is a full bodied ale that contains plenty of what is called chocolate malt. This isn’t because it tastes at all like chocolate but because of the darker color it imparts on the brew. Added to that, there is plenty of crystal malt which is what gives beer its toasted flavor. This is a very strong beer posting a 6% alcohol level and comes in the standard giant mug that will knock you out after just two.

Another great beer is the Irish Red Ale named Rebellion Red. You’ll notice a slight caramel scent and flavor since it has what is called biscuit malts in it. It has very little hop flavor, that’s the bitter green taste that many people know and love. This is strictly a malt flavored beer and it has many fans.

On the other hand, if you like hops, you’ll love the green flavors of the Hop Bang Boom IPA beer. It has a very strong hoppy flavor and aroma, plus it sports an alcohol level of 7.7% which is quite strong.

This great brewpub in Las Vegas also has a fine food menu that you’ll want to explore since drinking one of these beers on an empty stomach will hit you hard. Still, people gather here daily and sip their ales smiling with their eyes closed all the while.

2017 MLB Baseball, Sports Betting, Bet on Sports, Las Vegas Odds, Picks and Prediction

2017 MLB Baseball, Sports Betting, Bet on Sports, Las Vegas Odds, Picks and Prediction

The Cincinnati Reds will be fighting to snap a losing streak on Saturday when they take on the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park.

Right hander Homer Bailey will take the mound for the Reds to start this game. Bailey is 0-0 this season with a 0.00 ERA.

The Nationals will counter Bailey with Joe Ross. Right hander Ross has a 5.98 ERA to go along with a 3-3 record this season.

Bailey is coming off his third elbow surgery since Aug. 2014, the latest being a procedure to clean out bone chips in February. The 31-year-old Texan, who signed a six-year, $105 million contract just before the series of injuries began in 2014, breezed through three rehab starts with a 3-0 record, 1.08 ERA and 17 strikeouts in 16 2/3 total innings. Bailey struggled in six major-league outings last season, yielding a total of 35 hits in 23 innings.

Ross is struggling to find consistency this season and showed off the good and the bad over his last three outings. The 24-year-old struck out 12 and allowed one run across 7 2/3 innings against Baltimore on June 8 but yielded nine runs – seven earned – and 18 hits in a combined 11 2/3 innings over his last two starts. Ross is making his second career start against the Reds and escaped without a decision on July 2, 2016, despite allowing four runs and 10 hits in 5 1/3 frames.

Oddsmakers currently have the Nationals listed as 147-moneyline favorites versus the Reds, while the game’s total is sitting at 9½.

Things haven’t been going well for the Cincinnati Reds in the pitching department this season, but there is some reason for optimism. The Reds will welcome back veteran right-hander Homer Bailey on Saturday when they visit the Washington Nationals for the second of a three-game series.

Cincinnati boasts one of the most fearsome lineups in the league with Scott Schebler joining Joey Votto in the 20-homer club and Adam Duvall, Eugenio Suarez and Zack Cozart all hitting well, but the team entered the weekend with the worst rotation ERA in baseball at 6.12. Top prospect Luis Castillo pitched well in his major-league debut on Friday – two runs allowed in five innings – but the bullpen let the team down before closer Raisel Iglesias allowed Bryce Harper’s game-winning hit in the 10th. The Nationals are usually the team with the suspect bullpen, but four relievers combined to allow one hit in five scoreless innings in Friday’s triumph. Washington will try to get more out of starter Joe Ross on Saturday while Bailey tries to give the Cincinnati bullpen a break.

Washington was a 6-5 winner in its last match on the road against the Reds. They won as -240 favorites, while the total score of 11 made winners of OVER bettors.

Last time out for Cincinnati, they were a 6-5 loser as they battled the Nationals on the road. Moneyline bettors who got the Nationals at -240 were rewarded, while the 11 combined runs moved the game OVER for totals bettors. or and Betting lines are available at Bovada Sportsbook, where you can make your bets and get a 50% welcome bonus with your first deposit.

Team record: 30-42 SU
Current Streak: lost 3 straight games.
Cincinnati is 4-1 ATS in its last 5 games
Cincinnati is 1-12 SU in its last 13 games
The total has gone OVER in 5 of Cincinnati’s last 5 games

Team record: 44-29 SU
Washington is 1-4 ATS in its last 5 games
The total has gone OVER in 9 of Washington’s last 11 games
Washington is 1-6 ATS in its last 7 games at home

Next up:
Cincinnati at Washington Sunday, June 25


1. Reds INF/OF Scooter Gennett hit his 10th homer on Friday, giving Cincinnati five players with double-digit homers.

2. Washington CF Michael Taylor (undisclosed injury) is day-to-day.

3. Cincinnati CF Billy Hamilton is 0-for-18 over the last four games.

Vegas Coverage pick and prediction:

SMART CHART CIN TEAM WSH 4.92 RUNS 5.53 5.35 RUNS AGNST 4.48 -0.43 DIFF 1.05 -$762 MONEY $181 5.08 TEAM ERA 4.16 9.03 OFF HITS 9.68 3.14 OFF WALKS 3.47 8.14 OFF Ks 7.75 8.86 DEF HITS 8.44 3.92 DEF WALKS 2.95 7.65 DEF Ks 9.01
INJURIES CINCINNATI REDS PLAYER POS DESCRIPTION Caleb Cotham P 15-Day Disabled List Devin Mesoraco C 15-Day Disabled List A.J Morris P 15-Day Disabled List Yorman Rodriguez OF 15-Day Disabled List WASHINGTON NATIONALS PLAYER POS DESCRIPTION Aaron Barrett P 60-Day Disabled List Joe Ross P 15-Day Disabled List Stephen Drew 2B 15-Day Disabled List Sammy Solis P 15-Day Disabled List Stephen Strasburg P 15-Day Disabled List
BETTING TRENDS CINCINNATI REDS Cincinnati is 1-12 SU in its last 13 games The total has gone OVER in 5 of Cincinnati’s last 5 games The total has gone OVER in 4 of Cincinnati’s last 5 games on the road Cincinnati is 1-12 SU in its last 13 games on the road Cincinnati is 1-5 SU in its last 6 games when playing Washington The total has gone OVER in 6 of Cincinnati’s last 7 games when playing Washington The total has gone OVER in 4 of Cincinnati’s last 5 games when playing on the road against Washington Cincinnati is 1-5 SU in its last 6 games when playing on the road against Washington WASHINGTON NATIONALS The total has gone OVER in 9 of Washington’s last 11 games The total has gone OVER in 4 of Washington’s last 5 games at home Washington is 2-5 SU in its last 7 games at home The total has gone OVER in 6 of Washington’s last 7 games when playing Cincinnati Washington is 5-1 SU in its last 6 games when playing Cincinnati The total has gone OVER in 4 of Washington’s last 5 games when playing at home against Cincinnati Washington is 5-1 SU in its last 6 games when playing at home against Cincinnati
SUPERGRID RANK RANK Cincinnati’s Overall Scoring vs Washington’s Overall Defense 4.9 5 4.5 4 Cincinnati’s Away Scoring vs Washington’s Home Defense 4.3 11 4.3 5 Cincinnati’s Road ERA vs Washington’s Home ERA Allowed 5.6 13 5.2 4 Washington’s Overall Scoring vs Cincinnati’s Overall Defense 5.5 1 5.4 14 Washington’s Home Scoring vs Cincinnati’s Road Defense 5.4 5 5.7 13 Washington’s Home ERA vs Cincinnati’s Road ERA Allowed 3.9 5 4.1 9
TOP 3/BOTTOM 3 REDS Reds are the third highest scoring team in the league at 4.3 runs per game. Reds lead the league in walks with 3.6 per game. Reds have the best hits allowed in the league, allowing 8.0 per game. Reds are the third best in base on balls allowed, allowing 2.7 per game. Reds lead the league in K’s with 8.0 per game. NATIONALS Nationals give up the fewest free passes in the league allowing 2.5 per game.

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