Take a Trip to Las Vegas For Your New Year’s Celebration!

There is no better time to schedule a getaway than New Year’s Eve. Las Vegas offers tourists the most unique and exciting way to bring in the New Year. After arriving in the city, you can book a helicopter tour.

The Helicopter Tours

When you take a helicopter tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, you can expect the ride to take up to 45 minutes. It does not take very long because the distance between these two locations is only 120 miles. While you are in flight, you will be able to see several interesting sights including Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. There are other memorable sights that you will see along the way.

These tours also have the option of being landing tours or air-only tours. The landing tours will drop you off at the top, or you can be dropped off at the canyon’s bottom. These are the most popular tours among tourists and you should consider scheduling one during your visit to Las Vegas. Of all of the landing tours to consider, the one that takes you to an awaiting champagne picnic at the bottom of the canyon should definitely be including on your “to do” list.

Landing near the top or the rim of the canyon is also an excellent choice because you are able to enjoy the walking trails or enjoy the viewing platform. It provides a fantastic view as well as an awesome opportunity for a photo.

The Deluxe Tour

The most basic Las Vegas tour includes shuttle service via a minibus. These shuttles leave from Boulder City, a suburb of Las Vegas. However, a deluxe tour will offer you a real VIP experience. Deluxe tours are very convenient because they leave directly from the famous Las Vegas Strip. You can also enjoy a round trip ride to your hotel by limousine. An added bonus is the aerial view of the city as you return back to Vegas after your tour is over.

Another feature of the Deluxe tours is the type of aircraft that is used. As of this writing, these tours utilize EcoStar 130 Choppers. These types of helicopters have large windshields and spacious seating. These options allow tourists to have a panoramic view and have a clear, unobstructed view during the tour.

When you are scheduling a time for your holiday tour, be sure to choose a time in the morning or afternoon. This way you will avoid the traffic and tour will not be as crowded.

Las Vegas has something for everyone no matter what your plans are for New Year’s Eve. A helicopter tour will give you the chance to enjoy one of natural wonders of America.