What to Do When You Have to Bear Stomping from Your Neighbor Upstairs?

Ideally, you’ll be living in perfect las vegas apartments with no neighbors upstairs, but in reality that may not be the case. While different buildings can carry noise in a different manner, it can be stressful to bear stomping from your neighbors upstairs and it can’t let you sleep, making you to hate it when you are home.
There can be different ways for you to solve the problem of stomping or some other noise from your neighbors upstairs without yelling or hitting the ceiling with broomstick. It’s normal for people to not realize the amount of noise they make.

In order to resolve the issue, start by introducing yourself to the neighbor living upstairs and find out their name. Tell him that you’re the one living right underneath their apartment and you have to face trouble from the noise they make by stomping or in any other form. Keep your cool and just ask your neighbor to try and keep that noise to bearable levels during the times when you’re asleep.

In case if your neighbor does not pay any attention to your requests then you should take the matter to the landlord of your apartments for rent and tell him about the issue. You can first try to tape down a kind of note to their door that explains that still the noise is a problem for you. On most of the occasions, the landlords talk to your neighbor and take care of the issue for you, however that’s not going to happen always.

If noise is way too loud you can’t even sleep for a while, it is advisable for you to wear headphones or earplugs. You can think about soundproofing the rental apartments using professional padding for soundproofing or the egg cartons if it is really impossible for you to stand the noise.

In case if the landlord doesn’t do anything about the issue you may be facing then you can take some legal action. Though you might not be able to get any kind of money from that person, but you can still file civil complaint in order to show your neighbor upstairs that you’re serious about the issue and that your life is being hindered by them. Particularly when you have been living in the building longer than your neighbor, it’s quite possible to get your neighbor evicted or somehow penalized for all the noise he makes.

In case if you can’t take any legal action and the neighbor does not stop to make noise, they only option you are left with is to move out. If you have signed a lease with your landlord and he doesn’t take any action about the problem you’re facing then you’re justified legally for breaking the lease because of unlivable conditions. Get the help of an attorney if the landlord disagrees.